This is a good news story of two young ladies who have recently moved into a house with a housemate who mentors and encourages them to increase their independence skills, and allow them to experience what it is like to live with people other than their family.

Whilst it has only been a few weeks, Seema and Laura are already achieving milestones towards their goal of moving into a home of their own.  They will live in the home for six months and during that time they will have the opportunity for assessment of their skills and vision for their home.

The formation of a transition home has been a vision for MICH for many years and it is pleased to have been able to provide seed funding to assist in the establishment of Manningham Transition Homeshare.

Individuals and families of MICH can apply to participate in the 6-month program.


Homeshare Melbourne ( will be providing the final assessment and an NDIS quote for ‘Independent Living Option’ funding.

If you are interested and  feel ready to take this first step towards a home of your own, please contact Jan Hanos for more information: mobile 0488 998 240 or email

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