MICH helps young people with an intellectual disability find a home of their own, integrated in the community they grew up in, where their friends and all their social connections are. We also help them and their families through the transition to independent living. Being able to speak up for themselves is a vital skill.

If you live independently you have to be able to speak up for your rights and ask for help. However, this is not easy for young people with an intellectual disability.

MICH has just been awarded a grant under the Australian Government DSS Volunteer Grant’s program that will enable it to train up to 10 young people who are getting ready to ‘move out’, in self advocacy. The course will run for 6 weeks, one evening a week and will be held at the MC2 centre or another suitable venue. It will be free to MICH members.

We will be using a trainer from VALID, a well-established advocacy group for people with an ID. More information is here.

Because of COVID-19, we cannot yet say when the course will start, but it is likely to be in the last quarter of this year. MICH members will be informed and asked to express their interest in attending this course once we have finalised dates.

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