“We all face many challenges in everyday life and we need refuge from this. This is why my home must be a sanctuary where I feel safe; a place where I can welcome friends, house treasured possessions and enjoy my family.”   Nigel Webb

I grew up in a loving family and there are many things that I value, such as the love and support of my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law and niece and nephew.  Socialising with friends and sharing fun times are important to me, so when I had the opportunity to move into my own home, I looked for and needed friendship. I can’t live on my own as I need some assistance to live, so I decided to welcome housemates into my home.  Sharing a meal, watching TV together, going out for a coffee (every day please) or a movie, going for a walk, sharing a joke, sharing the housework—ugh!  I love to host parties or just have friends over for a barbecue, everyday things that we all like to do.

It is also important to me that I can have meaningful work and leisure outside of my home and the opportunity to attend and be involved in my church.  Belonging and contributing to my community is also important to me, which I do as an artist, volunteer and basketball referee.

Now that we are all affected by the virus affecting our world, I have been assisted by my Key Worker to find a new way of being.  I can no longer go to Arts Project, Men’s Shed, Police Museum, Mullum Mullum Stadium for basketball, go to my gym to exercise, or to my teacher.  Catching up with friends is not possible except by phone; my videophone that uses SKYPE is great because I see my family and friends when I call.

My housemate and I have the spare bedroom in my house set up as a gym—an exercise bike, a medicine ball and weights.  We have bought some jigsaw puzzles and games.  We cook together, go for a walk to the park where there is a basketball ring, go for a drive to the beach, and exercise together.  Of course, we will watch some TV and link in to some live streaming events, including the zoo and the museum.



I am finding it difficult at times, but I know it is difficult for you too.  Even though I can’t be involved like I used to, as each day goes by my team and I will find new ways to belong and connect to our community.  If you have some good ideas please share them.

Keep safe and well!

Warren O’Brien



Enabling Home: House mates – Audio Captions


Warren O’Brien has successfully achieved living in his own home along with the support of housemates. TTM speak with Warren’s mother Anita, instrumental in the planning and implementation of this living arrangement for her son, and also with Warren’s support workers and housemates.



The Salvo


Warren O’Brien has been an officer in the Salvation Army since his early teenage years and, along with his family, has been a dedicated parishioner at the Salvation Army Church in Box Hill. This long term inclusion with the Salvation Army has given Warren a sense of belonging and allowed him to develop as a person through the various roles he fulfills including the church collection, working in the church cafe, and as a friend to many of the other parishioners. Highly respected within the Box Hill Salvation Army Church, Warren has made a big impression on many of his fellow parishioners and church leaders all of whom are delighted to be connected with The Salvo.



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