Tullamore Estate

Community Housing Ltd (CHL) has filled vacancies in two new, 2-bedroom Town Houses in the Tullamore Estate. These homes are under construction and are a result of a partnership between MICH, MIRVAC, CHL, and the Victorian Property Fund. The two, 2-storey Town Houses are adjacent to each other and each Town House comprise two bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge, dining and kitchen, and lock up garage. A tenant application and selection process was completed in September 2017. Four members of MICH are preparing to move into the accommodation in the first half of 2018.

Towards a Better Life

The Towards a Better Life project will support members who are preparing to live in a home of their own in a highly relevant way, with targeted work that would assist in gaining good outcomes in their transition from the family home. The project is based on building a network around each person, upskilling the people in that network, and supporting them for a year to do the work with the young person.

The project will be carried out in three phases and facilitated by Belonging Matters. Phase 1 is Creating a network of allies around each person (Circle of Support). It starts with an information session about the importance of networks. A workshop was held on 28 October 2017 with 15 MICH members attending. Four MICH members are currently in Phase 1 of the project. Phase 2 is for the network to become focused on action-based support for the individual who is at the heart of each network. This phase consists of an educational session and follow-up work with individual networks, including exploring the roles that each individual could undertake at home and in the neighbourhood. Phase 3 involves actively building community networks.

By gaining a level of independence, people with an intellectual disability will become more productive and gain the satisfaction of contributing to their local community, improving their overall quality of life and wellbeing. Families no longer able to care for their adult children with intellectual disability will also be relieved of the stresses and pressures they have experienced for a lifetime, improving their overall quality of life and wellbeing

The MICH Joint Venture, a joint venture between Rotary District 9810 Charitable Services and MICH, is funding the Towards a Better Life program via a grant from the Manningham Charitable Trust and generous donations from supporters.

Pipelines Project

To prepare our members to move into their own home we employed Jan Hanos for 10 hours a week to coordinate MICH Pipelines.  Jan has been interviewing all parents/carers with a view to developing small groups of people who are likeminded in their vision for a home for their son/daughter/person with a disability.  Current needs in skill level were also discussed, to assist MICH in identifying the required training.

Connections to resources and helpful links to websites and training will be provided to assist in preparing members to develop skills in their current areas of need.  This will enable them to be as independent as possible in preparation for living in their own home.

Various housing models will be discussed in the meetings to enable everyone to identify the best way forward.  It is intended each group will also come up with own innovative ideas to assist the process, and discuss the possibilities of the options provided for their consideration.

Connections to the community in which they live will also be a focus, inspiring them through the examples of others to work towards a meaningful and inclusive life in community.

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MICH acknowledges and appreciates the funding provided for this project through the Manningham City Council Community Grants.