Mission Statement

To establish accessible and appropriate housing within Manningham, for people with an intellectual disability, which provides them with the opportunity to maintain a meaningful life within their existing community.

We believe that a home is not just the house in which you live, and the people with whom you choose to live, but is also the community in which you have chosen to live.  A sense of belonging can be found when home is in a broad community where you find ongoing connection to people and places, where you are able to participate and contribute to that community.


The objectives of MICH are to:

  1. Facilitate the development of long term sustainable accommodation.
  2. Provide adults with an intellectual disability, an opportunity to stay within their existing community in Manningham.
  3. Develop projects to build appropriate accommodation, for people with varying intellectual disability and needs, in the City of Manningham.
  4. Engage Federal, State and Local Government,  Non-Government Organisations and the community in developing inclusive housing in proximity to designated local Activity Centres. 
  5. Assist parents/carers to develop cooperative support structures.