Update on accommodation projects


Manningham Inclusive Community Housing (MICH) at Tullamore Estate

The project comprises two homes for young people with a mild ID and will be built in the new Tullamore Estate on adjacent sites. It represents an important first step in overcoming a chronic shortage of suitable and affordable accommodation options within Manningham. Importantly, the project will provide young people with an ID with an opportunity to live within mainstream settings close to transport and amenities, and maintain connection within their existing work and social communities.

Read the announcement here.

Montgomery Street Re-development

Manningham Council is planning a re-development of council real estate at Montgomery Street, East Doncaster. The Montgomery Street project is expected to include a requirement for some social housing. Should MICH be successful in gaining the Nomination Rights to some or all of this social housing it will prove to be of great benefit to MICH members and the Manningham community. MICH has engaged with one prominent developer interested in the site, but will seek to be the preferred partner of the winning bidder.

Other projects

MICH is in discussion with a number of property owners regarding other re-developments. These re-developments are currently less-advanced than the Tullamore and Montgomery Street projects.

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